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Adam Sevani Fun Facts Servani is of Armenian and Italian descent His older brother, V Sevani, was a member of the Boy Band NLT.Sevani was a part of Fly Kidz, a singing group and children's television show on the CBS network.HE IS NOT DATING ALYSON STONER THEY ARE JUST CLOSE FRIENDS!!WHY DO PEOPLE ASSUME WHEN CLOSE FRIENDS DO A MOVIE TOGETHER THEY ARE DATING?

13-year-old Henry struggles to be the man and care for his reclusive single mom (Winslet), while confronting all the pangs of adolescence.

In October 2012, British blog The Next Hype ran an article about Cloud's appearances in two commercials by rivals Apple and Microsoft.

In 2012, Cloud appeared as the lead dancer in a Microsoft Surface commercial directed by Jon M. Three years earlier, he appeared in an i Pod Nano commercial that advertised the release of the model's fifth generation, noted for the addition of a video camera.

Although The Next Hype felt that Microsoft "...using [Cloud] as a figurehead for your new product after Apple used him 3 years ago is just sloppy", Cloud first developed an interest in film-making when he was 17.

He made his first short film (called The Paperboy) in an alleyway at Universal Studios Florida.

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The date of Abigail Smith Adams death was October 28, 1818. She died in Quincy, Massachusetts and was buried there in the First Unitarian Church next to her husband John Adams.

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