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Jared tries to spice up his marriage planning a romantic evening with Chelsey.

Finally, Cecil makes a divisive executive decision about the park.

Lindsay and Amanda feud which causes tension at Darlin' Dogs.

Anne is distraught when her cat becomes ill but the community comes together to provide their support.

Bandit's dirty little secret is out and Becky is livid.

Amanda's new live-in boyfriend causes stress in an already cramped trailer.

Filming will begin on August 11, 2014, and continue through January 2015.Amanda decides it's time for her to leave the park.Jared and Chelsey think they're ready to start a family.Myrtle Manor and Village Creek finally settle their rivalry.The park comes together to plan a birthday celebration for Miss Peggy.

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Amanda is involved in a love triangle with Brock and a new suitor.