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In December, the Phnom Penh Post reported that AFESIP will merge with the new foundation and the Cambodia Daily added that a recent funding push has proven surprisingly successful among government officials who had publicly forbidden Mam from heading another NGO in the country after the Newsweek story broke, but later reversed their decision.To date, none of the investigations that suggest Mam had willfully invented facts have been properly explained away or refuted.Some will write it off as Standard International Aid Procedure.Others, however, know that in the world of anti-trafficking organizations, money and lies are deeply - perhaps inextricably - tied. So is the money that's spent and received in the service of those claims - more than half a billion dollars in recent years. Shedding Light and Casting Shadows Considering their common mythical enemy - the nameless and faceless men portrayed in TV dramas who trade in nubile human girl stock - one would hope anti-trafficking organizations would unite in an effort to be less shady.

This distinctly salacious myopia has been noted by groups such as the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, which point out that many organizations foster moralizing legislation that downplays the human rights of sex workers and immigrants.Later she says she was sold to a brothel where she watched several contemporaries die in violence.Childhood friends and even family members couldn't verify Mam's recollection of events for Newsweek, but Mam has suggested that her story is typical of trafficking victims.Mam told Goldberg repeatedly that she wasn't bothered by the allegations against her, yet as development reporter Tom Murphy pointed out on Twitter, she was actively participating in the PR push to "correct" them.Even worse, Mam misrepresented the clientele of AFESIP, claiming vaguely that "most of the girls are from trafficking." In fact, an independent audit of the NGO in January 2014 found that only 49 percent of the 674 women and girls in residence between 20 could be considered "trafficked" under any definition of the term.

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Misinformation, lies, "fake news" -- whatever you call it, the only way to fight back is through accurate, responsible reporting.