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- - 28 March Two ANC councillors and two party activists are among several party members who have been charged by the party following their protest against the election of the new ANC leadership in Kwa Zulu-Natal.

The quartet organised and led several protest marches to the ANC provincial headquarters in November last year and lodged complaints with Luthuli House the national headquarters of the ANC.

The threat can be viewed as a pre-emptive strike against Zuma, who has been planning a Cabinet reshuffle to purge his political opponents.

One of the ministers said : "It's a malicious rumour, we are fighting within ANC processes".

In truth, the rebellion against Mbeki began years before his recall. This evil plot was manifesting in various ways and was the source of all his troubles, according to Zuma.

Now that the revolt against Zuma has gone to the highest level of the ANC, he is in for a hell ride as his term inelegantly disintegrates. This is the caveat for anyone hoping to appeal to reason or Zuma's conscience.

Many ANC members in the province and the Pietermaritzburg region have lodged appeals against the selection of councillors they say were "imposed" on them.

In an unprecedented debate, which most analysts see as the waning of Zuma's political clout, some members called for him to step down and those close to him came to his defence.The members protested the ousting of Premier Senzo Mchunu as provincial chair and the election of the new executive now led by Sihle Zikalala.They lodged a complaint saying the processes leading up the provincial conference held in Pietermaritzburg late last year and during the conference were flawed. - - 28 July ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe was warned in April that the party would face legal action if it failed to address grievances over the party's provincial conference, which saw the Kwa Zulu-Natal premier Senzo Mchunu ousted as provincial leader.Members of the ANC have been removed from their posts as a result of the commission's recommendation.- - 29 November President Jacob Zuma has survived an attempt to remove him from office after a dramatic three-day ANC national executive committee meeting.

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- - 29 November A group of ministers threatened to resign on Sunday if President Jacob Zuma remained as the country's president.

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