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'And another source said: 'What is most concerning is what this means for Lara.'She is a team player here at GMA, she always brings her A-Game every day and she genuinely enjoys working on the show.'When she signed her last contract, she was promised that she would one day be the main anchor.

Michael's promotion effectively throws this out the window and she is beyond furious.

After spotting a nice in the market, to use electronic trading to take market share from the top banks, he founded Market Axess in 2000 with two employees and million in capital in a windowless office provided rent-free by JP Morgan.

Today it's a leading powerhouse in small to medium-size trades.

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Prior to the meal the two spoke outside for a few minutes, while her date held her Chanel purse.

Mc Vey, who grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, the son of an oil distributor who invested in stocks as a hobby, according to Fortune.

Mc Vey got an MBA from Indiana University in 1983, and began as a trader at a Cleveland bank, before moving to Chicago Mercantile Exchange and eventually ended up moving to New York to join JP Morgan.

After they had finished their meal they spent a few minutes outside the establishment before walking off into the night holding hands at around 11pm.

Despite her late-night date, Lara was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on air Friday morning.

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Spencer's date Mc Vey, has been the Chairman and CEO of online bond trading company, Marketaxess Holdings Inc. He took home $13.7 million last year in bonuses and pay.