Summer glau dating thomas dekker ams c14 dating

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Summer glau dating thomas dekker

Likewise, he often gives Steve the benefit of the doubt even when the latter resorts to more "unorthodox" methods in an investigation as he trusts Steve's judgment.

It is established in Season 1 that Danny was from New Jersey, presumably around the New York metropolitan area, and was only living in Hawaii because his ex-wife Rachel had remarried and moved there with their daughter Grace to join her new husband Stan Edwards.

As a consequence, he is often at odds with his ex-wife Rachel for sometimes not being on time to pick up Grace.

He is very loyal to his friends and colleagues, once refusing to believe that his former HPD partner Meka was corrupt even when pitted against overwhelming evidence after the partner was found dead under suspicious circumstances.

He moves to Hawaii and begins working in the forensics lab from season 5 onwards.

Danny began his career as a police officer with the Newark PD.

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He comes into contact with John's son Lieutenant Commander Steve Mc Garrett, then still on active duty, who returns home to Hawaii seeking revenge and intending to take over the investigation into the murder of his father.

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