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It is possible she tends to stay silent about her affairs for the time being, or maybe she is just focused in heightening her career. It won't let me read messages so email me @ [email protected] a pic.Surprised to see Holland taking a quick trip to dreamland?Feel free to suggest your caffeinated beverage of choice, and hang tight for the Season 4 premiere of "Teen Wolf" Monday, June 23 at 10/9c!Depsite having a slightly hectic lifestyle she still finds time to curl to a good book at night.Straight-A student Lydia Martin is no stranger to pulling all-nighters (maintaining a 4.0 GPA is no easy feat), and it looks like the actress behind the "Teen Wolf" character is working just as hard to perfect her art.

“Lydia’s feelings for Stiles become a big focus of the season, actually.

It will make some people furious and some people happy, so we’ll see.”Fans may have started shipping the two, tagging their coupling “Stydia” after seeing their chemistry on screen, and they have their fingers crossed hoping that the two will finally admit their feelings to one another.

According to Ecumenical News, there were a lot of hints being given out about the pairing last season when Stiles had led the pack to save Lydia from danger in the Eichen House.

Caption: A selfie of Holland and Colton together in a car.

In 2012, for a brief moment, Holland was linked with an American actor Topher Grace, who was 10 years senior to her.

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Caption: Holland Roden smiling broadly when kissed by Tyler Posey.