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Texas dating canaan connecticut

This same type of shenanigans would occur many years later as the Avoca airport was named backwards by a dubious legislative mechanism initiated in Washington by congressman Dan "Mr. A few decades later, Luzerne County authorities once again managed to diddle with state law and constitutional intentions, overriding the decision of voters by ramming through a hotel tax of dubious legal merit so as to finance an arena, based on the absurd contention that hotels in Hazleton, some 23 miles away, would benefit.

A few dozen American militiamen, outnumbered and hastily assembled against the British, met their maker in quick fashion in 1779.

If a work refers to the historical Civil War as "the first American Civil War", or something of the like, this trope is in play. See also Invaded States of America and America Is Still a Colony.

The polar opposite of this is Expanded States of America, in which America instead grows .

Here's another of several towns that sprung up around mills, this time a gunpowder mill. In 1851 the local post office took the simple name of Ariel, and it took years for the locals to refer to the entire district as Lake Ariel.

Two explanations have emerged regarding the source of the name: First, Ariel is the lead character -- a playful spirit -- in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

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How do you show that things have irrevocably but believably changed? Perhaps the State suffered some sort of crisis of the type it's never really seen before, and then things went From Bad to Worse.