The guy your dating seldom calls

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The guy your dating seldom calls

The second part to this story comes when her guy friend was having a party and invited her. He said something along the lines of, “Well we already have too many guys here.”What?!I would never not invite my best friend (Emile, did I mention that?Have you ever had that moment when you were hanging out with a platonic male friend, and then he "got weird?" This can include making a move on you (and usually blaming it on alcohol).

It hardly ever happens, which is why we seldom have to talk about it.They say even if their guy friend were somehow interested, they would never be unfaithful. I asked, “Has your guy friend ever professed his love for you?" She replied, "A couple of times."A couple of times?! People who are together for a while become used to their routine. However, when love is real, it's normally a lot clearer to see than lust is.It's also typically felt by both people in the relationship.

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I am not so naive or closed-minded to think I have accrued all of the knowledge at this point in my life to know the answers for sure.