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In 2002, Ispesl findings have shown that home accidents exceeded 3.5 millions, and the greatest number of victims were children in the age bracket 0-14. However, the youngest are at risk also in the road, at school and in the park.Thus, the ten instalment will explore important issues, such as home, nutrition, school, environment and the road.Experimental project Week for the Prevention in the workplace, 1997.'Mister Help' is the title of a TV programme by Rai Educational and Ispesl (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Prevention), which was broadcasted on Rai 3 and via satellite.This programme was aimed at children and teenagers attending compulsory education (aged 6-15), to convey among young people a clear message on issues related to safety.The board game was distributed in all secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria and targeted at grade 6-9.In order to make the school safer and healthier, Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School is combining various preventive methods against offences, use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, violence against peers and teachers, delinquency, and social help for children.The action aims at developing teachers and pupils understanding of social risk factors influencing their health and safety, promoting education and involvement of the school community in the preventive work, making the school safe and healthy for staff and pupils.

The game, which is novel in the electricity industry is designed as an education and entertainment tool, which provides information relating to hazards and common violations as well as other operational aspects of the the use of electricity, to customers in IE network, in a family-friendly format.

Bewegungsbaustellen (wood kits for exercise) will be placed in selected kindergartens and primary schools.

Associated with it is a training for the responsible pedagogues.

This programme was featured by Antonio Lubrano, playing the uncommon role of a real ' grandfather' and Mister Help, a cartoon interacting with the well-known journalist and anchorman, giving worthy hints to children in the studio and at home.

Instalments had been broadcast in two different versions, one lasting 30 minutes on Rai 3 and the other lasting 45 minutes via satellite.

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Every year the Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School arranges many events engaging not only pupils, teachers and parents but also other members of the society.