Updating a meade 497 controller instructions gridview rowupdating datakeynames

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Updating a meade 497 controller instructions

You can even connect your own Garmin or Magellan GPS to the handset.As an added bonus, Star Patch also ensures that your handset is up-to-date with the latest programming from Meade (full updates in less than 2 minutes, over 10x faster than the Meade ASU).There also seems to be an unusual drain on the 9 volt battery required to power the unit.Whether this is just a high power consumption unit or a drain of power not associated with actual use I don't know.Star GPS and Star GPS-NX are clearly the best and the only well-integrated GPS solutions!I thought that you may be interested in my thoughts and observations, I have not had the opportunity to directly compare the Star GPS and the GPS-Mate.Star GPS intelligently makes use of your existing Autostar 497/497EP or Audiostar microprocessor and display features.

On a smaller scope, I would find this to be quite a problem.There also is a problem with the local time display.When in daylight savings time the local time is accurate, however in standard time the display is one hour off.Don't misunderstand me, my ETX-125 has always been a good performer.I just did not expect it to be able to out perform a LX-200 under any circumstances, since my LX-200 is also a great performer.

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The "start" button has to be pressed numerous times before the unit starts the acquiring sequence.

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