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In the field of penetration testing, Back Track is today's premier Linux distribution.Designed for, created by, and used by security professionals around the globe, Back Track is the result of a merger between two earlier, competing distributions -- WHAX and Auditor Security Collection.BT3 comes with menu options for using Slapt-get, but it doesn't work right out of the box.Check the forums for threads about setting up package management.Other categories and tools included in BT3 are Maltego in Information Gathering, Nmap in Network Mapping, and Cisco Passwd Scanner, which searches a range of IP addresses for Cisco routers still set to the default password, Open SSL-Scanner by Solar Eclipse, and SQL Ninja in Vulnerability Identification.These are far from the only entries in those categories.In addition to the security tools, BT3 comes with a lot of the standard KDE offerings: two browsers (Firefox and Konqueror), three chat/IM clients (XChat, Pidgin IM, Kopete IM), remote desktop software (VNC and RDP servers are supported), editors, graphics tools, and so on.But if you're really interested in KDE instead of the security tools, you're looking at the wrong version of Linux.

You can grab the image online from any of several mirrors, then either burn a bootable CD or install it on a bootable USB drive.

The most recent beta version was released on June 10.

Back Track 3.0 beta (BT3) is showing up in a lot of places these days.

The hard drive install procedure is experimental; in my case, it didn't work unless I first partitioned and formatted the drive prior to installation.

Also, note that Back Track is designed for use by technically savvy folk, so there is not a lot of hand-holding.

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You're expected to bring a lot of knowledge to the table, and newbies like me are pretty much left to sink or swim on their own.

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