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Updating jtree

Hi, I'm adding nodes to my JTree, but it is not being updated.If I add a node to the root, then the tree updates OK, but then if I add another, nothing happens.If I then add a node to the child of the node, then the tree updates OK and will show the node number as if all the ...Ok, I will give more details: I m working on instant messeger like gtalk, pidgin. In my case, the same behavior found for windows, solaris, but linux the ...thanks for the fast reply, but i have already tried that, and the tree isnt updating.

I have constructed a tree and when ever any change occured to the tree i am sending an event from server which will notify all the clients.

In my custom model, the method 'value For Path Changed' is being called and I am successfully updating the backend database.

However, the JTree is not being updated with the new value.

You select 'Colour' and all the data from the tree is grouped into colours, a new tree is built and .... Hi all, after editing a node in a jtree, how do i refresh this node so that the changes appear immediately.

tree.update UI(); works fine, but all nodes collapse, so i want to update only the changed node (or prevent the collapse-thing).

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From an outside class (let's say Class2), I need to update the contents of the JTree (after adding and deleting objects displayed on the JTree).

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