Updating nvidia card drivers Shag a gilf dating

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Updating nvidia card drivers

Test if problem dissappears if not then go safe mode again and open DDU, now select intel from right side and clean and restart.After it shuttdown and you restart to windows install your downloaded intel drivers from desktop.

I have found instructions that doing Shift-Restart from the login screen will restart in safe mode.it seems odd that this began to happen when I updated the drivers.Before, my temps were OK, never had a stutter, neither spikes of temps using chrome or anything. That's why i can't explain the nature of the problem, because it all started with a driver update.Put these files to desktop Then boot into safe mode with networking with F8 during startup ( search google how to get to safe mode ) Open ddu and select first nvidia drivers from right side then press clean and restart (recommended) wait until it finishes it will automatically shutddown pc.Then start windows and install your NVIDIA driver from desktop which you just downloaded.

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EDIT: apply thermal paste after all alcohol is evaporated from heatsink and cpu / gpu i copy this when i posted in another thread : Get some isoprophyl alcohol more percentage is better like 80% or more.