Updating operating systems for the mac

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Updating operating systems for the mac

THis will reset bitlocker to use the new boot information. I believe that I have done the suspend thing before.But I get into Windows and I suspend and then resume. Then I log into Windows and then do a Shut Down from Windows.Forgetting the PIN when PIN authentication has been enabled. Using a different keyboard that does not correctly enter the PIN or whose keyboard map does not match the keyboard map assumed by the pre-boot environment. Modifying the Platform Configuration Registers (PCRs) used by the TPM validation profile.For example, including PCR[1] would result in most changes to BIOS settings, causing Bit Locker to enter recovery mode.Having the CD or DVD drive before the hard drive in the BIOS boot order and then inserting or removing a CD or DVD.

For example, a non-compliant implementation may record volatile data (such as time) in the TPM measurements, causing different measurements on each startup and causing Bit Locker to start in recovery mode.Adding or removing add-in cards (such as video or network cards), or upgrading firmware on add-in cards.Using a BIOS hot key during the boot process to change the boot order to something other than the hard drive.------------ Source: Fail Please read the message carefully that tells you to enter your "key" (what key, the short PIN or the long recovery key? Normally, you will need to enter the recovery key only if something at bios level has changed or other low level hardware changes have taken place. I'm not by the laptop at this moment, but what it wants is the long 48 character key. I've installed bitlocker on other machines without issue, but this one fails to boot every time unless I enter the key.And the message, which I will post here on Monday when I am near the laptop, does mention that something has changed with the boot partition or something and all I am doing is merely shutting down the laptop, or restarting it, and then starting it up again.

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