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Posted by / 25-May-2020 18:53

Updating os on palm pixi

A "Root Certificate" will expire on that day, and it's required to safely and securely access online web OS services including backup, restore, app catalog, and even activation.Both HP and the web OS community have been aware of this issue for some time, and many thought HP would need to issue a full OS update in order to save those online services.Given the wild history of web OS under HP, it wouldn't be a bad idea to explore that option.It's hard to believe that Palm is already pushing its second web OS device, the Pixi, out the door.Apparently not, as today the company will announce that it's issuing a "mandatory" update to a single app, the App Catalog, which will resolve the issue.

Those still hanging on have other options to fix up their aging web OS devices: Web OS Internals has created a "Survival Kit" that tech-savvy users can use to make their phones fully operational separate from HP's online services.

Has your Pixi Plus been screaming for a new firmware?

We won't lie: we did feel a little put out when our pal Jon Rubinstein told us that web OS 2.0 wouldn't be coming to the Palm Pre Plus -- something about the older hardware not having the necessary "oomph" to handle the new OS. According to a rep from O2 Germany (as espied on the company's support forums) HP will make with the new operating system at some point in the near future -- just not as an over-the-air update.

Not a huge loss, it seems, as no one is yet certain what this update does.

Still, if you got a Pixi, look for the over-the-air warning lights to go on.

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Unlike the Pre, the Pixi ditches the physical center button for a thin, LED slit which works just as the button does, though sometimes it's a bit odd not having a physical target.