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Updating server extensions in iis

West-Wind Web Connection requires defining, in IIS, script-mapped extensions that execute without checking the existence of a file or folder; this post explains how to achieve that with a Java Script script executing in Windows Script Host.

In most IIS installs, when creating a script-mapped handler, one gets this default setting: As this setting does not work for West-Wind Web Connection, when defining a handler manually, one just need to un-check the box at the top: However, when installing a Web application on a server programmatically, you need a programmatic way to do the same operation.

Value) == Lower(script Processor)) script Module Listed = true script Module Allowed = script Module Entry.

Create New Element('add') script Module Entry.

After googling around to fix the issue, I changed the application pool on IIS (Version 7.5.7600) fromt he default site named pool to be ASP. However I then get a 500 error when I try to navigate the site? Item[m.i Hand] script Processor = Attribute("script Processor") script Module = Lower(Substrc(script Processor, Ratc('\', script Processor) 1)) if (! Read All())) handlers = XMLparser.document Element if vartype(handlers) == ' O' handlers = Elements By Tag Name('Server') if (! Item[0] handlers = Elements By Tag Name('handlers') if ! Item[0] handler Changed = false for i Hand = 0 to handlers.child Nodes.length - 1 handler = handlers.child Nodes. Name == 'add' and Lower(script Module Entry. I apologize if this has been asked before, but if deploying an update to a Share Point Framework package (either web parts or extension) deployed to a tenant App Catalog, does the package always need to be redeployed to the App Catalog or is it possible to just update the files in the CDN location? I'm getting the following error after updating the Ajax Control on a site, after copying the new DLL to the bin folder; Could not load file or assembly 'Ajax Control Toolkit' or one of its dependencies.

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This information can help you plan your Web server needs and determine whether various Front Page features are functioning properly on your existing server, even if you have installed the server extensions. The extensions work through three Web technologies: CGI (Common Gateway Interface), ISAPI, (Internet Server Application Program Interface), and HTTP.

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