Validating email in java Wb chat sex

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Validating email in java

/* In a transactional/event-driven (GUI, web) app this would not be * a loop, but with a blocking/modal (tty) program it works.

*/ User Info u = new User Info (); // loop until you get valid one(s) while (!

// Long loop here to get valid user registration info.

[email protected] – “.a” is not a valid tld, last tld must contains at least two characters 4. mkyong()*@– email’s is only allow character, digit, underscore and dash 8.

[email protected]– email’s first character can not start with dot “.” 7.

Taking all these into account some valid email addresses are: Email ID [email protected] valid?

I am helping a friend with her Java homework and I adapted a solution I used in a similar project of my own for this.

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Here’s a Java example to show you how to use regex to validate email address. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 3.