Validating firefox with dreamweaver error updating busy information exchange 2016

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(Before you use this behavior, a jump menu must already exist in the document.) Clicking the Go button opens the link that’s selected in the jump menu.

A jump menu doesn’t normally need a Go button; selecting an item from a jump menu generally causes a URL to load without any need for further user action.

Although the Dreamweaver actions were written to maximize cross-browser compatibility, some browsers do not support Java Script at all, and many people who browse the web keep Java Script turned off in their browsers.

For best cross-platform results, provide alternative interfaces enclosed in The Call Java Script behavior executes a custom function or line of Java Script code when an event occurs.

It is especially useful to read the property when you have several AP elements on the page, all of which must reach their targets before the visitor can advance to the next page or task.

For example, you could write a function to count how many AP elements have an Jump Menu, Dreamweaver creates a menu object and attaches the Jump Menu (or Jump Menu Go) behavior to it.

The Popup Message behavior displays a Java Script alert with the message you specify.Because the Drag AP Element behavior must be called before the visitor can drag the AP element, you should attach Drag AP Element to the section of your document.(The function retains the old naming convention for AP elements [that is, “Layer”] so that layers created in previous versions of Dreamweaver will remain editable.) In addition to registering the AP element as draggable, this function defines three properties for each draggable AP element——that you can use in your own Java Script functions to determine the relative horizontal position of the AP element, the relative vertical position of the AP element, and whether the AP element has reached the drop target.Use this behavior to create puzzles, slider controls, and other movable interface elements.You can specify in which direction the visitor can drag the AP element (horizontally, vertically, or in any direction), a target to which the visitor should drag the AP element, whether to snap the AP element to the target if the AP element is within a certain number of pixels of the target, what to do when the AP element hits the target, and more.

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