Validating triangles java

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Add a second command-line argument to control the speed.that draws filled circles of random size at random positions in the unit square, producing images like those below.Each value is a string or a value from one of Java's primitive types.One of the key features of the standard input stream is that your program For many applications, typing input data as a standard input stream from the terminal window is untenable because doing so limits our program's processing power by the amount of data that we can type.Devise a strategy and write a program interview for N/2 minutes and record the rating of the best candidate seen so far.In the next N/2 minutes, pick the first candidate that has a higher rating than the recorded one.

For a dramatic 3d effect, draw a circular image, e.g., instead of a dot, and show it rotating over time.Your program should take four command-line arguments: the number of circles, the probability that each circle is black, the minimum radius, and the maximum radius. Write a program that takes three command-line arguments R, r, and a and draws the resulting spirograph.A spirograph (technically, an epicycloid) is a curve formed by rolling a circle of radius r around a larger fixed circle or radius R.Now we introduce a simple abstraction for producing drawings as output.We imagine an abstract drawing device capable of drawing lines and points on a two-dimensional canvas.

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This yields at least a 25% chance since you will get the best candidate if the second best candidate arrives in the first N/2 minutes, and the best candidate arrives in the final N/2 minutes.

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