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Waston dating felton

After an excruciatingly awkward silence not even a casted spell could fix, interviewers switched topics by asking Daniel about his time on Broadway, portraying the lead character, a boy who suffers from a sexual fascination with his horse, in the play Equus.

““It was a white horse, so I used some of my acting techniques and just imagined that the horse had brown hair while onstage. always tangled but somehow manages to fall perfectly in place… I liked to think that this horse was exceptionally smart and talented…

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Tom and Emma are falling in love Tom meet Emma and they are talking about Hogward but Emma is with Harry now Whats about their love ?

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The actor is in 2018 famous for Harry Potter, In Secret, Thomas & Friends.At one point when she was younger Emma Watson did have a crush on Tom Felton but she never dated him. Tom Felton and Emma Watson reportedly dated briefly during the filming of the Harry Potter franchise, but quickly called an end to their relationship and sought other people.Tom Felton couldn't have cared less, back in the day, that he was Emma Watson's first crush -- because according to the the bleached-blond "Harry Potter" bad boy, he was crushing way too hard on an older woman: Helena Bonham Carter. In other Tom Felton talk Monday, it was reported in the Sun that the actor, who has a record deal with an indie label, had "revealed" upcoming plans to become a rapper -- more specifically, that he was "looking to get into the grime rap UK scene." While some outlets played the story as straight news, others at least considered the possibility that Felton's dry sense of humor was again at play, especially given the nature of Felton's musical career to date, busting out gangsta tunes like "Hawaii," below.Considering how a 12-year-old Emma Watson felt about fellow tween Tom Felton back in the day, it's a shame Draco Malfoy didn't get to do the kissing honors in the latest film."This is a testament to how far we're going back now," the now 23-year-old actor told E! "We've grown up with each other, and suddenly to do this... And it was very flattering for a 12-year-old boy, but it's nice that we've become friends since then and we can kind of look back and have a laugh at it."Aside from their tender ages, it's no wonder Felton never acted on Watson's interest: Draco was too busy crushing on Bellatrix Lestrange! As for Rupert Grint, whose Ron Weasley actually gets the girl in the end, it apparently took quite a bit of acting to make the Big Kiss between Ron and Watson's Hermione believable.'It was [a] completely mutual, weird experience," Grint reflected.

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Although the interview was conducted in the morning, it becomes very apparent that it has just become Midnight for Daniel. “” Rupert compassionately whispers to Dan while gently patting his back and sitting him down, an image reminiscent to the way Ron would help out Harry in a time of need.

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