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To all intents and purposes, the Bas Relief Ware is extremely similar in appearance to true Jasper production.

However, a closer examination reveals that true Jasper is a more fine-grained ceramic ware, whereas the Bas Relief production is more coarse-grained, tends to have the interiors of the pieces produced glazed, and the ornamentation is not as delicate.

From 1906, the sequence was continued, but the number '3' replaces the first letter, and from 1924, a '4' replaces the '3'. I don' reparto de t con las valuaciones dentro de esta sección - que está sobre la identificación de la marca de la cerámica.

Quality does vary in what's available but prices are very low with lots of choice for collectors. The reason being that it only has a single letter mark rather that a 3 character date mark.

The 'X' under the Wedgwood name looks more like potters marks rather than a date mark - the single impressed character mark could be a J or a C or even a U.

Susanne====================================Reply by Peter (admin)To:- Pottery Mark Alert! Wedgwood - Old Milk Pot Query:-Hi Susanne Many thanks for your query, and welcome from wonderful Copenhagen! Yours is a great question because it flags up a difficult area for new collectors.

He was a distant relation of the 'other' more famous side of the family.

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Just for info and reference here is the full response I got from the Wedgwood Museum archivist. Your biscuit barrel is an example of bas- relief ware.

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