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A database is not generally portable across different DBMSs, but different DBMSs can interoperate by using standards such as SQL and ODBC or JDBC to allow a single application to work with more than one DBMS.

Hardware database accelerators, connected to one or more servers via a high-speed channel, are also used in large volume transaction processing environments.The DBMS provides various functions that allow entry, storage and retrieval of large quantities of information and provides ways to manage how that information is organized.Because of the close relationship between them, the term "database" is often used casually to refer to both a database and the DBMS used to manipulate it.Physically, database servers are dedicated computers that hold the actual databases and run only the DBMS and related software.Database servers are usually multiprocessor computers, with generous memory and RAID disk arrays used for stable storage.

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Examples of database applications include computerized library systems, flight reservation systems, computerized parts inventory systems, and many content management systems that store websites as collections of webpages in a database.