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Season 8, Episode 12January 16, 1997Kramer's girlfriend disrupts his sleep; Jerry's parents think he needs financial aid; George ponders an inheritance.

Season 8, Episode 18April 10, 1997George crafts a place to nap at work; a new beau gives Elaine a mattress, which Kramer promptly soils; Jerry's kitchen is redesigned against his will. Just brilliant, quirky takes on the seemingly mundan The landmark Jerry Seinfeld-Larry David creation about four neurotic New Yorkers was ostensibly about nothing, but of course was uniquely something: the master of sitcom domain (earning 10 Emmys over its nine-year run) that its star described as 'micro-concept TV.' No hugging, no kissing, little plot. Just brilliant, quirky takes on the seemingly mundane events of daily life. Born in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Victor was always willing to push himself to the limit.He thrives on the rush of combat sports, race car driving and high speed skiing.

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This season features several unforgettable episodes including: "The Codpiece Topology," "The Cooper–Nowitzki Theorem," and "The Cushion Saturation."premiered on September 21, 2009, and contains 23 episodes.

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