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So, every situation is different and I have to look in my heart, and my gut, and my instincts and see “Okay, how do I feel? Yes, I’ve known you as the Pink Ranger, but then I’ve watched . Sometimes I watch those shows because I’m like, “Okay, Amy Jo’s on it. But he also has this mentality of — oh, how do I explain it – like, he doesn’t care. I remember they had these quads that we were shooting with and Aww, he’s one of my best friends. And I think the last time I actually talked to him on the phone was when Thuy had died and he actually called to tell me. Like, his dog kept gnawing on his hands, trying to keep him awake. We got really close at a certain point in our life where we were sleeping over each other’s house.

told me that when I walked by the room to go to the bathroom, and they saw me while they were auditioning people for Julie… A bunch of people have already jumped on board to be producers, which is great. You know, if somebody has the intention of becoming a producer in their life, it’s a great way to get a credit or something on your resume. No matter what, I’m going to rent out a little place and do a screening of the film when it’s done.

Oh, and to settle the record, everybody was like, “Oh, look, Tommy/Kimberly! That one is probably one of the jobs that I’ve had that I’m most proud of. I LOVE HER (in a normal and good way, off course)!!! …By Amy Jo Johnson, I knew about “No Pink Spandex”,so it´s GR8!!! Wonderful to know that she’s fully acknowledging to the fans that she had a life before and has a life after THE SHOW. I got to meet her at the Flashpoint Finale Event and may i just say she was the only one of the whole cast who actually stood there and talked to me for a while!

I auditioned for it the same way that I got all the other roles: I’ve auditioned. …An amazing interview with the most talented woman I´ve ever seen in my life…Amy Jo Johnson… It’s great of you guys to finally feature the Amy Jo interview and get her perspective on things.

We went to shoot the movie for two months, and they replaced one of the characters, and blah blah blah…Like, we were there for seven months and it was awesome. I know Johnny has a band that I’ve sort of checked out a little bit, and they seem great.

Karan – we had so much fun in Australia, me and Karan.

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Lisa J in the house with you guys, celebrating seven years of No Pink Spandex! It was just a really awesome place to just see the world with a bunch of girlfriends. Well, when I was about ten years old — Actually, before I was ten I was completely fearless, and I would do anything especially [with] the coach I had. Actually, I’ve been Twittering a lot about him and his daughter, [who] I’ve been trying to help. After he left, for some reason, I had hurt my arm or something, and I just got a lot of fear. And then finally, at sixteen, was just like, “You know what? So, I spent six month just diving into classes and doing some student films. I met him at the Hollywood Diner, which doesn’t exist anymore, and he encouraged me to stay. He called my parents — my dad and my mom — and was like, “She really should come back.” So, I went back and, actually, that week [when] I got back was when I got the audition for So they paired us together. Which, I think is basically the truth on any show, really. ” and then it’d cut to stock footage of Trini from some previous episode because Thuy was not there. I don’t know; I didn’t really know what was happening.

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  1. This is when I realise that dating online at my age is not only like visiting a foreign country for the first time, there is a whole new language to learn too. Then there were the technical terms: pansexual, sapiosexual, heteroflexible… If they wear sunglasses in all their photos, liars. But I soon realised that these guys were all starting to remind me a bit of John Noakes from early days. Fun and interesting, in their own quirky ways, but not people that were really going to rock my world.