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This popular rapper and actor from New Jersey became an important face of West Coast hip hop scene and amassed considerable fortune. Tracy was born February 16, 1958 in Newark, New Jersey.As of 2015, Ice-T’s net worth is approximately million. He had a very rough childhood and participated in several illegal activities.He could’ve told me anything, I was so intrigued with him. That was when Darlene had everybody in hip hop talking after she made the rare (at that time), bold move of standing next to Ice T rockin’ a thong swimsuit, while holding a machine gun…and she gave the world a back view on the back of the album cover long before Lil Kim, Kim Kardashian, and the rest of ’em were doing it. After that classic album, Darlene stirred up so much hype, that she went on to make many frequent appearances in Ice-T’s videos and at several other public events.He used to pimp when he was in the service for extra cash. That bangin’ photo and their power couple relationship changed the rap game and Darlene became known as ” The Syndicate Queen.” That iconic album cover opened many doors for Darlene and she’s still reaping the harvest of her work and the relationship that ended many years ago.For the youngins who don’t know, before there was Beyonce’ and Jay Z, it was Ice-T and Darlene who were considered one of hip hop’s first power couples.The two were together for from the time they met in 1984 until 1999.“I didn’t have any guidance.Visually stunning, she contributed more that just a body to the game.During their better days, Ice-T always referred to Darlene as the “Syndicate Queen,” after his crew’s moniker, but she and he dissolved their relationship in the early 2000’s.

But Darlene’s legend was solidified on 1998’s Power, where she wielded a shotgun in a white bathing suit next to her man.So in a minute I’m going to really have a lot of my freedom back.So right now I’m really thankful that he still wants me close to him, and in his life.After both of his parent died, Ice-T’s financial situation got even worse and he decided to join US Army.However, he disappeared without permission on had to leave the army.

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Even a queen has to contend with common person issues like raising a teen son, the modern vixen (Superhead), her ex and his new boo (Coco) and an occasional Hip-Hop beef (LL Cool J and Ice-T.).