Who is ralph fiennes dating now

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Who is ralph fiennes dating now

We discovered we had mutual friends, including Liam Neeson, and as we got to know one another, I started joining them on holidays in the South of France, where we'd sit around chatting and getting drunk.

We used to talk about girls; now it's more work and big ideas.

And I've become more curmudgeonly over the years while he's become less serious.

I think it's true what his brother Magnus has said, that Ralph lives like a monk who's won the Lottery: he's not materialistic, he doesn't have a car or own a grand house.

Wilkie was also known to be charming and easy company, while Dickens was a more difficult person: so, yes, there is a parallel there between Ralph and I!

Tom's very perceptive, too, about the petty lunacy of other actors and their self-involvement.He lives in London When people meet Tom for the first time, he quickly turns on the charm and can have a room in stitches, recounting stories that go against him.I'm not like that at all: I don't like parties and I find rooms of people chatting hard to deal with.We were introduced at the Almeida Theatre, in north London, in 1996, after I played Tartuffe in the [eponymous] Molière play there.Ralph came backstage to say how much he enjoyed it and I was thrilled.

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We met after I saw him play Tartuffe at the Almeida, in 1996.

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