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Her plane fell in the ocean, far away..." By Jewel.

During the school year many families in Appalachia depend on school meal programs to help feed their children.The burn of death is what you crave..." By Tracy Chapman.Inspired by actual events taking place in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.Populations spread about 200 m per year as a result of nest fission at the invasion front (Meyers and Gold 2008). fulva have not been observed to engage in alate flights, so long-distance dispersal occurs largely as a result of human transport of nesting ants. As per Gotzek et al (2012): A recent phylogeny placed this particular species within a clade of mostly undescribed species of South American and Caribbean crazy ants. fulva, given the currently rapidly expanding distribution of N. Currently, the Caribbean is likely the only place where N. pubens are sympatric and therefore the only region where identifications of workers will be difficult.Fortunately recent revisionary taxonomic work with this genus and the clade of genera it belongs with by La Polla and colleagues has brought new clarity and a much sounder understanding of Nylanderia species delineations. Known from numerous locations throughout the neotropics, and beyond, but identification of this and similar Nylanderia suggest published accounts about this species are potentially suspect. Neotropical Region: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil The above specimen data are provided by Ant Web. If we are correct concerning the distribution and inability of N.

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Red dots indicate collection sites for samples used in this study. fulva in the United States is most likely to be more widespread. This species has been reported to be relatively to be relatively common in southern Florida in the 1950’s –1970’s, where it was also most recently found in 1994 (M. fulva is native to South America, probably southern South America (the type locality is in Brazil).

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