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And the smirk that is placed on his face just adds to his hotness and I really want to grab his hand and pull him home so we can have fun because when he wets lips with his tongue I start to imagine what he could do with his tongue to me... You know we only have two minutes and the first is already over." "Oh, um, my name's Merriam." "Harry, in case you didn't listen to me." "So go on, tell me your life story." Why is a man like him, who obviously could have every freaking woman on this planet with a snip of his fingers, doing speed dating? The man who would be next groans and tells him that he can't do that, that he can't break the rules. " Harry replies to the man who maybe is in his mid-thirties, "I have a date." I blush. "I heard here are a few beautiful girls but I guess they were wrong," Harry says and stares directly into my eyes, I feel dizzy, "because I see only one." "You're really charming, Harry." I say, giggling.

"Well, Harry, it was nice to meet you." "But baby, our time isn't even over yet." He tells me and I see him starting the timer new, two minutes for us again. " He says and pulls one corner of his mouth up, giving me a sexy, wry smile.

It’s been three weeks now and I can’t get a refund for my money they have ignored my called and texts asking for money money back I mean what business doesn’t check with the venue the day before to confirm!!

They still have the venue on their website and probably selling tickets to it.

But if that’s not enough to get your heart all fluttery and set your loins aflame, then join us as we put Sydney City Limits in the hot seat to see whether it ticks all of our, er, boxes, before we commit to… I’m hell fun to party with and a hit with the parentals.

MF: Finally, and most importantly, what’s your favourite Simpsons quote?

I find the men to be professional, friendly and well dressed. Booked for speed dating only to find out the venue was closed.Upon reading all the other negative reviews other people have written about these people it seems that have a habit of sending out nasty emails and keeping peoples money.The only other speeding dating site I have ever used was Fast Impressions, which no longer exists.I haven't been to any of their events for years, So i'm guessing that they are either the same people or somehow purchased their member list so that how they were able to identify me. 2 days before the event I received an email stating they couldn't use that venue and to rebook on another date.Either way I highly recommend that no one attends their events and to give them a wide berth, there are much better events out there. I responded to the email asking if we could get a refund as we didn't know yet if we could attend any of the future dates, but that we would love to rebook when we know.

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1 venue stated they were a real company but very hard to get a hold of.