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In most cases, but not all, agency workers are regarded as ‘workers’.

You may be an ‘employee’ of the agency or employer if: This is a complicated area of law and, if you are not sure about your employment status, you can get advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau, Law Centre, trade union or organisations listed at the end of this information sheet.

Sometimes, even if there have been breaks, you may be able to count the whole period as continuous employment.

I have worked for the same employer on monthly placements for more than 3 months. Yes, you will have completed 12 weeks employment if you have worked continuously for the same employer, even if it was one or more placements.

What counts is the nature of the working relationship between you and your agency or employer.

Most agency workers are not regarded as ‘employees’ of the agency or of the company you are working for.

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Under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, agency workers are entitled to the same basic conditions of employment as permanent employees after 12 continuous weeks with the same employer.

After 12 weeks agency workers also have the right to paid time off for antenatal care and the right to be offered suitable alternative work or to be suspended on full pay if there are health and safety risks.

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It also answers questions on the new rights for agency workers who have worked for 12 continuous weeks and how to work out your employment status and length of employment.

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