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Posted by / 20-Dec-2019 22:45

Last we heard, the long-awaited sequel to Ridley Scott's classic Blade Runner was scheduled to come out in January of 2018, but it looks like audiences won't have to wait as long as expected.

Production company Alcon Entertainment has announced the film will now hit theaters on October 6th, 2017 — a full three months ahead of schedule.

Throughout the game, different situations create a choice between backing up one side or the other, and the direction you pick influences the story and its eventual outcome.

"You can play him as an aggressive ‘pro-human’ Blade Runner hunter, or as a sympathetic ‘pro-Replicant’ peacekeeper," Gewirtz wrote. Environments are built with the same "Art Deco" feel as the movies, the soundtrack is awash with '80s-style synths, and the feel of the whole thing is meant to emulate the dark, moody vibe of the two neo-noir mystery movies.

While we haven't sampled the game yet, the latter device's enhanced motion sensitivity should provide a more immersive experience.

"There are some action shooter elements and some puzzle solving gameplay as well." The story itself is roughly two hours long, though the world is built for exploration, with hidden easter eggs and nods to familiar touchstones scattered throughout.

The story itself is built to encourage multiple playthroughs, giving players the option to shape the views of the main character, Harper, through the choices they make.

Jared Leto plays sinister villain Neander Wallace, who seems to spend most of the time threatening people – “You do not know what pain is yet. The beautifully-shot scenes seen in the trailer and their weighty atmosphere mirror its predecessor enough without feeling plagiaristic.

The city scenes still have that noir hue and the Eastern influence remains as seen in Ridley’s original.

But here we are, with two brand-spanking new movie posters for fans to feast their non-replicant eyes on.