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The funds in all of those accounts are what pay the member’s medical bills each month.

“Each plan essentially tallies medical claims each month, then divides by the number of members, officials say.

Much as is the case with traditional health insurance, we do this to keep the monthly contributions as low as possible.

This isn’t a major problem in our family, because we mostly go for routine checkups.

(Note: Members may select any provider of their choosing, including out-of-network providers, but in doing so may not benefit from discounting of medical bills as with an in-network provider.) Show your Medi-Share ID Card to the provider, and pay your provider fee— initial charge for doctor visits, 5 for an Emergency Room visit.

The doctor’s office or hospital sends your bills to Medi-Share directly.

The contributions go into a pool, where it’s available to pay for the medical costs of members in need.

In addition to payment of a member’s medical costs, the community also support each other in prayer, and sometimes with personal support.

But it fills the same role, and in our experience, it does it at only a fraction of the cost.After subtracting for overhead and administrative expenses, the rest goes to pay claims.” The Medi-Share program is flexible with multiple choices of program levels, benefits, and of course out-of-pocket expense.You are given the option of choosing your own doctors and hospital, but there are discounts available for using networked professionals.According to their website: “Members open their own Sharing Account with America’s Christian Credit Union.Each member household voluntarily contributes their Monthly Share into their Sharing Account.

Although there is no guarantee of sharing, Medi-Share members have been faithfully sharing each other’s medical bills for more than 20 years, trusting the Lord to provide in their time of need through the voluntary gifts of other believers.