Consolidating undergraduate and graduate student loans

Posted by / 03-Aug-2020 08:42

College Ave offers borrowers great interest rates, as well as a variety of terms and repayment options, so each borrower can find the right fit for them.

With College Ave, borrowers can reduce: If you think you may not qualify to refinance with College Ave on your own, consider adding a creditworthy co-signer.

The interest rate for the 2017-2018 academic year is 4.45%.However, you can qualify for a longer repayment term if you consolidate the loans or have more than ,000 in federal student loans. Direct Loans are eligible for all of the different repayment plans offered by the U. Citizens does not charge any fees for extra payments (or even for paying off your loan entirely!) Interest rate discounts: Citizens offers interest rate discounts of up to 0.5% to borrowers fulfilling specific criteria.

If you don’t pay the interest as it accrues, it will be capitalized (added to the loan balance), increasing the size of the loan.

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