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California Emergency Management Agency spokesman Jordan Scott said: 'It is very possible there may be some evacuations here.The north near the Oregon border is most likely to see big waves.' Schools up and down the Oregon coast were closed while businesses, hotels and homes were evacuated.It is difficult to say just how big the area of ocean trash is, but some reports say it is roughly three times the size of Texas. Moore, discovered the GPGP on sailing through the North Pacific Gyre after competing in the Transpac sailing race in 1997. oceanographer, Curt Ebbesmeyer, believes the debris has building up over 50 to 100 years and traced one piece of plastic he found back 60 years.He was confronted, he said, as far as the eye could see, with the sight of plastic. He has even heard reports of several dozen abandoned yachts floating in the area.It is not certain whether there will be a full evacuation yet.A number of helicopters are also hovering over the area.'All this debris will find a way to reach the West Coast or stop in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,' a swirling mass of concentrated marine litter in the Pacific Ocean, said Luca Centurioni, a researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego.

A state emergency spokesman confirmed that parts of northern California will be worst hit with waves between six and seven feet expected at Crescent City.Fishing vessels or items that poke out of the water and are more likely influenced by wind may show up in a year, while items like lumber pieces, survey stakes and household items may take two to three years, he said.Old flip flops, plastic toys, bags, children's pacifiers, toothbrushes, tons of plastic bottles and even whole yachts are just some of the rubbish floating in the so-called 'great pacific garbage patch'.She said: 'Coastal emergency managers are very busy working with first responders and public safety people to organize the process and evacuations.'It's not something that can be done lightly, people can be injured in the course of evacuating if it's not done in a controlled way.'The fortunate thing for us on the West Coast is we have a lot of time to get this done, because in much of this part of the West Coast, we're dealing with very rural populations, unlike in Japan, where most people are within earshot of sirens.

The latest estimates from the National Weather Service suggests the sea level rise along the coast will vary significantly.