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Lesson #4: If you’re genuinely interested in a woman, don’t put pressure on her.(Again, that could be cool)”What made this message so effective was that Mike didn’t simply show that he had memorized the details of my profile; although regurgitating that information makes it clear that you at least took the other person seriously, Mike went the extra step by being light-hearted and comical—even a little weird—in his response.It certainly helped that Tinder has already received notoriety for some of the horrific sexualized pick-up lines employed by many of its users …as well as some infamously juvenile responses to rejection (for one such story, see here)care.”Chris’s first mistake was that he didn’t read my profile (where I clearly stated that I’m often too busy to respond right away); even if you aren’t interested in a serious relationship with a woman, it’s hard for her to take a suitor seriously as a man if he lacks the attention span and fortitude to read a few paragraphs of rudimentary information.Aside from just being rude, not reading a woman’s information sends the clear signal that you won’t be attuned to her needs, be they purely physical or anything more.According to Hampton, Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) and son John (Matthew and Joseph Levinson) followed Amy to New York and the two got married after finishing up school.

okay, sarcasm aside, you should put a little more effort into seducing men on social media sites.

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