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This dating software review will talk about a software solution, which, as the company states, is a dating and community software in one package. So, I'm writing this e Meeting review to give you an idea on what e Meeting can do and what it is good and bad for.

The software has a not bad set of features, however there is something which confuses me.

He totally got what we were trying to do and even expanded on it.

The conversion took about 3 days and Darren made sure all profile data and photos were converted properly.

The software has applications from – Webchat 2, Webmessenger 2 and Webrecorder.

Those major features are from Userplane.com, which, as we know, is a solution for which you’ll have to pay monthly, depending on the simultaneous connections. Monthly license – 35 USD Includes free hosting (optional), free installation and setup plus free support and software upgrades for the length of your license.

But e Meeting doesn't mention anything concerning that monthly fee to be paid for modules. Let’s make a point by point dating software review. Full license – 295 USD Includes free hosting (optional), free installation and setup plus 12 months free support and software upgrades.

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Read more e Meeting | By: Jan Hanekom | Oct 13, 2009 Many of the things stated in the report is not true.

However the site of the developer company doesn't contain any information concerning the price if you want to extend the support and upgrades. * Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows * Web Server: Apache * Scripting Language: PHP 4.3 or above * Database: My SQL 4.02 or above * Ioncube Support - (Can be setup free during the software install if not already available.

Maybe you'll have to pay full license type which is 295 USD? Also there is a 75 USD fee if you want to remove the brand of e Meeting from your web-site. ) * Optional: Flash hosting service (We recommend   The last line I want to show with a screen capture: That’s not a good manner to write “Host Mosnter” when you should write Host Monster. This is my own point of view, but if a company doesn't pay attention to the way their site looks and works, that company doesn't support its customers' sites well. The fact that Ioncube Support is mentioned in the list of the system requirements means that the files of the software are encrypted. However I don’t understand why they’ve put just Asian girls on the main page?

Let’s continue this dating software review and try the demo of user part of e Meeting. This is a solution which costs money and that solution shouldn't have such lacks in the implementation. This time it is not a lack of the implementation of the template, but the software: Details of that error are as follows: A lot of bugs and lacks so far. The problem is that the software doesn't work as it is stated on the web-site itself. But I didn't find any information concerning the extension of that support after the first year.

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