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Worksop guardian dating

Owl Sick, a stream which rises at Owl Spring in Scarcliffe Park joins it near the village, and is joined by a stream which rises near Whaley Hall Farm, and flows in a south-easterly direction through Whaley and the Poulter Country Park.The country park was the location of Langwith Colliery's waste tip.At this point, the river has dropped some 360 feet (110 m) from its source.Welbeck Great Lake is part of the Welbeck estate, which was owned by the Dukes of Portland, and now owned by the Bentinck family.

In the 1760s, the duke employed the architect and civil engineer Robert Mylne to construct a three-arched bridge, which had to be both functional and beautiful.Mylne experienced problems with the piers moving, which resulted in the central 90-foot (27 m) arch collapsing in February 1768, after which Mylne was sacked.In the 1840s, the fifth duke, who built an underground ballroom and tunnels on the estate, employed the engineer William Tierney Clark to construct a suspension bridge.By 1938 the last mill was no longer in use and was demolished in the 1960s.The mill pond has become silted as a result of the poor condition of the dam and sluice, but could form a central part of a conservation area based on Apsley Grange, a large building on the opposite side of the road.

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