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During the course of the game, Link locates the eight underground labyrinths, defeats several guardian monsters, and retrieves the fragments.With the completed Triforce of Wisdom, Link is able to infiltrate Ganon's hideout, Death Mountain, eventually confronting the pig-like enemy and destroying him with a Silver Arrow.More than a year later, North America and Europe received releases on the Nintendo Entertainment System in cartridge format, making the game the first home console title to include an internal battery for saving data.The Legend of Zelda was a bestseller for Nintendo, selling over 6.5 million copies.

concurrently, and tried to separate their ideas: Super Mario Bros.The player controls Link from a flip-screen overhead perspective as he travels in the overworld, a large outdoor map with varied environments.Throughout the game, various characters aid Link by giving or selling equipment and clues.In addition, the entrances of the three highest-level dungeons are hidden.Link can freely wander the overworld, finding and buying items at any point.

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This was a new form of game communication, and in this way, "Zelda became the inspiration for something very different: Animal Crossing.

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