Benefits of dating shorter men dating website for truck drivers

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Not having to deal with these stressors makes for a calmer life and, as a result, the chances of developing depression or anxiety also diminish. The researchers at New York University suspect that the lower divorce rates can be attributed to the fact that shorter men tend to tie the knot later in life."If the courtship process takes longer for shorter men on average" says study author Abigail Weitzman, "then the short men who eventually enter marriage may be entering it on more solid ground.” The social stigma of shortness, whilst causing some distress in their youth, can be seen as an advantage in later life.Married men who stand below 5ft 7in are 32pc less likely to divorce their partner than grooms of average height, according to a 2014 New York University study.

"However, an objective evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of increased body size (excluding obesity) indicated that shorter, smaller bodies have numerous advantages in terms of health and longevity." So in the Top Trumps of life, longevity, the 'biggie' is won every time by the shorties - which not only piles extra irony on the expression 'life's too short', but also awards the last laugh to the little."In tall people, the blood must be pumped a longer distance by the calf muscle pump," explains Dr Braekkan, "and this may cause reduced flow in the legs and thereby raise the risk of clotting." Your body itself may not be long, but statistically your life will be.Ten years ago, evolutionary biologist and Imperial College professor Dr Armand Leroi discovered that the hormone that controls height, called the Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF), also controls ageing. "We know that big dogs seem to die early in life while smaller dogs enjoy more longevity," Leroi explains.• It's time someone spoke up about short men and their anxieties Dr Emelie Benyi, head of the research team, believes that there are several possible reasons for the link.“One is that taller people have a larger number of cells in their body," she says, "which could potentially transform to cancer.